For many of us, what we post, text, email and share is the first impression we make on the world.  What is your writing style saying about you?  Can you break the addiction of shortening words, using abbreviations and illustrating every statement with an overly-animated icon?  If you answered yes, then you're cerebrally strong enough for The gramMARCH Challenge.

For the month of March, challenge yourself to write in full sentences, using the entire word, without inexplicable letter jumbles to denote your frame of mind.  This challenge extends to all forms of the written word: this includes text, type, Facebook posts, Instagram, SnapChat, iMessage (you get the idea).  After 31 days, you may be surprised at how easily proper communication comes to you -- and how smart your thousands of friends and followers perceive you to be.  

*Please don't text and drive

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